I'm Arthur, based in France and I'm passionate about design, art, imagery in general and all the symbolism and philosophy that this medium can communicate.

That's why I started Ariarta in 2022: to bring you something that makes sense.


Ariarta is an independant art inspired streetwear brand that brings clothing whose designs are based on artworks and illustrations from different eras and genres (notably mythology paintings or even allegories) combined with a y2k, grunge, aesthetic graphic style or in their original format for your (urban) outfit.


I like to spend time creating designs that you like and that - as said above - makes sense; Ariarta is the way to allow me to make a living out of it and therefore to devote all my time to offer you quality products that satisfy you as much as possible.

Currently, all clothes are 100% cotton and made to order to offer you the best quality without waste.

In the future, your support will allow me to reinvest the profits to improve the quality and variety of the products offered, to develop the brand identity, the narrative around the designs and artists featured, and to collaborate with local sustainable clothing manufacturers.

Thank you for your support !
Arthur Mollard