How to design streetwear T-shirt ?

How to design streetwear T-shirt ?

If you're looking for inspiration in creating designs for your clothing brand, here's a lil video in which I create a design on Photoshop for one of my t-shirts.

If you like this t-shirt, find it here.

This is a relatively simple design based on an old illustration by Suzuki Kason for a book of Japanese fairy tales (Schippeitaro Japanese Fairy Tale No. 17; 1902).

There isn't just one way to design streetwear clothes. Here, I'm doing an easy one with Photoshop, but it's possible to use other software like Illustrator to make more sophisticated designs.

It's up to you to find your way of doing it but if you want more inspiration subscribe to my Youtube channel on which I intend to post other videos of design creations but also videos on my journey as a clothing brand.

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